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widespread low clouds have made their way into the bay and all the way to the inland valleys this morning. some afternoon clearing and a cool forecast early. >> thank, you lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. formal arraignment tomorrow for the two men arrested in the severe beating of giants fan brian stow. louie sanchez and marvin norwood are accused of committing the brutal attack at dodger stadium on opening day. brian stow, a paramedic from santa cruz, remains hospitalized after that attack on march 31st. we have an exclusive look at the two men arrested thursday and we have an update on brian stow's condition. >> reporter: these photographs from our los angeles sister station. kabc, show 29-year-old louie sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood. charges were filed against them friday for the march 31st attack at dodger stadium on brian stow. each face three counts, aggravated assault, mayhem and battery.
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if convicted, norwood could face nine years in prison, sanchez eight. abc7's legal analyst, dean johnson, thinks the duo should face charges that would put them in prison for life. >> i think the complaint is undercharged. if i were to charge mayhem i would charge aggravated mayhem, which carries a life sentence, and in the alternative also charge the crime of torture, which also carries a life sentence. >> both are held an half million dollars bond. also seen here is louie's sister, sanchez, who police say was arrested for suspicion of driving the car in which the men escaped. both men have violent past. and there was criticism for the arrest of johnny ramirez who was originally arrested. >> the los angeles police department truly believes it's just as important to exonerate the innocent as it is to implicate the guilty and that's what we did. sometimes it takes longer than
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we would like, but that's the nature of the business. >> he said the arrest for ramirez for the stow beating could create doubt for a jury and endanger a conviction. >> a defense attorney is going to have a field day in court with that. they are going to say were they right before, are they right now? next week will the police change their mind again? ladies and gentlemen, that's reasonable doubt. >> doreen an the, who was arrested, has been released and not charged. >> geovany ramirez remains in jail for a parole violation. here in san francisco the 42-year-old brian stow has been showing signs of being alert and responsive according to his family. he's been able to open his eyes and close them, as well as mouth "stow" when asked his name. abc7 news. >> also this morning abc7 has learned that the brother of the 19-year-old shot and killed by the san francisco police last weekend is wanted in connection for murder in seattle and he maybe on his way here to the bay
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area. san francisco police confirmed that kenneth harding's brother is wanted in connection with the murder of a man last night in seattle. police put out an all-points bulletin warning that he may be headed for san francisco. last week investigators said the bullet that killed kenneth harding in san francisco's bayview district did not come from a police hitch issued weapon, suggesting that he may have shot himself. in oakland people are looking for suspects after finding a men shot to death inside a car last night. it happened around 7:00 on laurel road and o'hara avenue. another victim was found nearby and airlifted to a medical center in walnut creek. his condition is not known. one person has been detained but noel arrests made. two men are unarrest in san francisco this morning in connection with a shooting this weekend that critically injured an 11-year-old girl. that shooting happened late friday night and according to
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police started as an argument between two groups of young men. a stray bullet went through the wall of a home, striking the girl in the chest. abc7's lisa amin guleziana reports on this tragedy and what the police are calling an uptick of violence in the city's western neighbor. >> i don't know why it happened or why the bullet would enter our house. >> reporter: the hope family was caught in the crossfire of what police are calling a gang fight. a group of young men were standing at the intersection when an argument started. suddenly one pulled out a gun and started firing. two stray bullets came through the house. >> here and the window and then hit her. >> her niece, linda, is in critical but stable condition at the san francisco's hospital. the 11-year-old lives in the sunset district and was visit fourth a few days. she was getting ready for bed
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when the shooting started. >> i started hearing shots ring out. one entered the bedroom window and shot her near the lung and exited the back. she ran out and said eric i'm shot. >> it's really sad because for a young girl, you know. >> it's a tragedy, a complete tragedy. >> reporter: even san francisco police are outraged by the crime. investigators did arrest two men, an 18 and a 19-year-old. and the city's gang unit is now in charge of this case. >> we've been seeing an increase in some random shootings. so the officers have been -- there's been more foot patrol, the housing officers have been in and out of the developments more. >> the uptick in crime in the western addition started a few weeks ago. district supervisor, ross, said the focus needs to specifically be on young people, ages 17 to 26. >> it has to be both ends. and both ends is smart on crime, law enforcement and the other
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end is a social service strategy that can reach out to these people. >> police are releasing very few details about what they were arguing about, the suspects, and what they will be charged with. in san francisco, lisa amin guleziana, abc7 news. in richmond police are investigating a deadly shooting. last night one person was killed and another victim rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. it happened near 24th and mcdonald's streets just before 10:00 p.m. san francisco police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck a young girl yesterday evening. it happened around 5:30 at tenth avenue and lincoln near golden gate park. police say the girl rode her bike into the street and ran into a car that was making a turn. she has nonlife-threatening injuries and police say the accident is actually her fault but because the vehicle left the scene, the driver is now facing hit-and-run charges.
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>> hundreds of couples started exchanging vows in new york when same-sex marriage became legal in new york. this is a look at one of the ceremonies taking place in new york city. new york city alone is host being hundreds of same sex marriages today. last month they game the sixth and largest state to legalize same-sex marriage. san francisco's pine nearing efforts remain tied newspaper a federal appeal over the legality of proposition 8, which you know was passed by the voters and it band same-sex marriage in california. again, ceremonies now taking place in new york state. >> norway is holding services this morning for the 92 people confirmed dead for a car bombing outside government headquarters
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in oslo and following a shooting spree at a youth summer camp. norwegian police say it all appears to be the work of this man, one man, 32-year-old norwegian anders breivik. he was arraigned today on terrorism charges. authorities say he confesses to the killings, but he rejects criminal responsibility. authorities say he wrote a 1500-page manifesto spelling out his beliefs. his lawyer said he was trying to bring about revolution in norway, attacking multi-culturalism and muslim immigration. richard cantu has more. >> reporter: police boats are still searching for victims in the waters off utoya island. it turned into a killing ground when a man dressed as a policeman suddenly began shooting. he kept saying, "come here." he had a rifle or a sniper's weapon that he was using to shoot at us. it was total chaos. some dove into the water to escape but the gunman shot them even as they swam for their
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lives. some may have drown. >> he made people run up the steep hill and other people coming up the hill, and he shot them at the top. >> reporter: authorities say the shooting spree lasted an hour and a half and a s.w.a.t. team took 40 minutes to respond. police say this is the face of terror, a 32-year-old norwegian, anders behring breivik. authorities searched the suspect's oslo apartment and his farm, saying he had emassed six tons ever fertilizer. police say there are still unexploded bombs in and around oslo where a massive bomb exploded friday. still bodies inside. flags are half staff at tiny norway mourns it's dead. norway's king harold and queen sonya personally comforted
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survivors, even at norwegian police patrolled the police and a peaceful nation grab he would with grief. abk news. no deal from lawmakers facing the debt ceiling deadline. president obama met briefly with top leaders at the white house yesterday morning. they met again last night on capitol hill without the president. after that session harry reed released a statement saying republicans are unwilling to compromise. echoing a statement that president obama made on friday. >> one of the questions the republican party is going to ask themselves is can they say yes to anything? >> i'm confident the bipartisan chair and the congress can act. if the white house won't get serious, we will. >> and speaker boehner said he hopes to have an agreement by today to avoid spooking asian markets.
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>> it may be near then of july but hundreds of skiers and snowboarders still hit the slope this weekend. this resort had runs open yesterday for summer skiers for one last day. a record seasonal snowfall is behind the latest opening ever. latest summer skiing in california is believed to have been august 13th at mammoth mountain in 1995. this has, indeed, been a strange year, lisa. >> we are looking at temperatures in the 50s. airport delays at sfo up to an hour. look at the sunshine. up about 7 minutes ago but cloudy below. i will tell you when you can expect to see the sun coming up. >> that's lovely. thank you, lisa. also next the niners celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first superbowl title with 2500 fans and former players, including our own mike shumann.
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he has the festivities coming up in sports. ♪
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happy with you these days. >> you think? >> yeah, i am. >> i like to hear that. along the coast, though, we are going to see cooler conditions and overall inland. temperatures will be come down the next couple of days. and today, though, a little bit of a bump out there. so we are in between another trough that will cool us down. so widespread low clouds and fog this morning. livermore and concord, cloudy conditions but we do have fair skies out toward vacaville and travis, around fairfield. but we will look for the clouds to continue to creep a little further east before we see the burn off today. airport delays of about an hour. upper 50s all around the bay. we are looking at the uniform temperatures with the overcast. temperatures cool at the coast as the clouds are slow to clear. then afternoon clearing throughout the rest of the bay area around 11:00 or so much but then as the next trough swings on through, count on cooler conditions monday and tuesday. here's the pacific satellite
6:19 am
picture. you will notice a little twist in the clouds up hear. that's our next system that will move to the north of us. as it does, it enhances the marine layer once again. so over 2,000 feet tomorrow into tuesday. then it gets to the east of us, swings on through parts of california, northern portions, and then we will look for the warming conditions on the back side of that. here's the setup then today with the system to the north and west of us we are getting into some warmer conditions before we feel the influence of that trough. so notice the clouds just around livermore this morning, 5:00. then as we go through the rest of the morning hours, notice by about 10:00, 11:00, we are sunny in our east bay valleys. but by about 2:00 looks like we will see partly cloudy skies in san francisco. then staying cloudy throughout much of the san mateo coast further south. numbers in the 60s there but rebounding into the 70s and
6:20 am
80s elsewhere. low 80s in los angeles. a bit of a warmup in the central value. 101 in palm springs. back home 84 campbell, 86 and 80 sunyvale. starting out with clouds and mist and drizzle peninsula. 74 san mateo with upper 60s, upper 70s, i should say, redwood city with numbers coming in in the mid-60s's eight -- later on this afternoon. and the north bay a little breezy at teams. 85 cloverdale with 76 near the water in vallejo. berkeley and oakland today, and by about noontime we will see numbers in the low 70s, upper 70s by about 3:00 in union city and the inland valleys. we have mid-80s for the highs today, 85 concord and pleasanton
6:21 am
with walnut creek coming in at 83. cloudy early and then afternoon sun with 66 in monterey and a pleasant 85 in morgan hill. ears the accuweather seven day forecast. away from the coast we are enjoying a couple degrees of warming today and then cooler for the next couple of days. 2 to 5 degrees cooler inland. little change with little sun at the coast through wednesday and then it looks like a bigger warmup, near normal. >> we are just a little slice of paradise compared to everywhere else. >>. >> thank you, lisa. follow our show, coming up at 7:00, good morning america. we are joined live now from new york to tell us what is on tap. good morning. >> carolyn, you are just rubbing it in in your little slice of paradise there. do you know how hot it is here on the east coast? >> yeah. is it 100? >> i think it's a little chillier than 100 degrees, maybe like two or three degrees. it's sweltering. the big apple is called the bake apple the last 48 hours.
6:22 am
>> so sorry. >> but we have a big show coming up. chilling new details about the suspect in the norway bombing. we will show you the disturbing video he left behind days before the massacre. we are live from norway this morning. also coming up the rice and fall of amy winehouse. the supremely talented and troubled singer was found dead in her home. she died at the age of 27. we will take a look at the strange coincidence. and anger is rise ag cross the country in heat that won't let up and gridlock in washington. we asked people to weigh in, is america at a boiling point? and two brothers, one prom. we will show you the video people can't get enough of. [laughter] >> how cute are they? >> totally cute. >> you know, i tell people that's what ron and dan do every morning before the show just to warm up and get ready. it's so embarrassing, carolyn.
6:23 am
>> oh, i've seen you dancing, i think, the last couple weeks. >> at least i to it on television. i don't hold back. >> all right. we will look for you and all those details coming up at 7:00. try to stay cool. >> we will. >> all right. we are going to check out sports this afternoon. the giants close out their homestand begins the brewers with madison bumgarner taking the mound. on tuesday the giants have an nlcs rematch against the phillies. last night san francisco evened the series with milwaukee, ending a two-game losing streak. here's schu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. pitching and defense and it worked last night. leader vogel strong, brian vogue wins his eighth of the season and got some help. check out cody ross flexing his gun, cutting down rickie weeks at the plate.
6:24 am
got him. schierholtz goes the other way. in comes aubrey huff and jeff kep. nate 3 for 4 with two rbis. go to the eighth. how about a little insurance. an rbi single and the giants win it 4-2. they will try to win seat russ today at 1:00 before heading to the white house on monday. a perfect day for baseball at yankee stadium. over 100 degrees. a's down 1 in the third but josh willingham takes care of that. see ya, two-run shot off burnett. 2-1, a's. bottom of the six. oakland up two until former a nick swisher burning his old team again. and taking a beating, their old team, how about hideki matsui, the former yankee. a's beat the yankees for the first time in twelve games, 4-3, the final. can you believe it's been 30 years since the 49ers won their first superbowl? last night at their facility
6:25 am
they celebrated the beginning of the dynasty with an outdoor showing of superbowl xvii. it brought back a flood of memories for everyone. this was the first of 49ers five super^bowl titles and there is nothing like the first time you do anything. they showed a lot of class putting it together and seven teammates and myself were like kids again as we relived one of the greatest moments of our lives. >> you have to give it to the 49ers. it was a great idea to kind of put this together. it's outside with the big screen. it was a really cool idea. >> it is like a mini reunion as well. you get to see guys like you and other teammates and we get to see and tell the lies and see who's got the biggest one. it's great. >> just think what we have done in 30 years and coming back for a superbowl celebration. pretty good, seeing some of the guys we haven't seen for years and we are still thinking about it. that's awesome. >> it was a great event. the fans loved it.
6:26 am
the bond my teammates all had is forever and we really enjoyed seeing each other. it was amazing watching the game again. seemed like yesterday but it was 30 years ago. are you ready for football? looks like we are a step closer to the lockout being lifted next week. executive board is to vote monday and recommending accepting the agreement put forth by the owners. players have to vote and they can report to league facilities as early as wednesdays. players would also vote on recertifying as a union. a lot of details still have to be worked out and teams probably won't be able to start signing preagents until next weekend. that's when the niners have to decide what to do with a couple of their own free acts. >> i think we have something special in san francisco going on right now. but you can't talk. i can't talk, i can't talk to trent. you know, even though you want to talk to them, but it's a process that we have to go through and until that process
6:27 am
runs its course, we just have to sit back and wait. >> all right. look for the nfl to be back in business by next weekend. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you tonight at five. have a great day. >> looking good, schu coming up next, 6:30, the effects of global warming on the west coast. seems even the toughest little creatures can't take the heat. >>. a state senator makes a move to overturn california's new
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in southern california firefighters are battling a wildfire on the lost coyotes indian reservation. that's in san diego county. the fire is about 30% contained. flames came near some cabins on friday but are now turning away from hop lated areas in steep, rugged terrain. fighting fires like that cost money. while the state budget is shrinking, the fire danger isn't. but there is growing backlash to a new fee the state is charging you for fire protection. here's abc7's capital correspondence, nanette miranda. she's near sacramento with the story. >> the the state of california
6:31 am
provides fire protection through cal fire, covering more than of the acres of land mostly in rural areas, one-third of the state. to help pay for the service 850,000 residents will be billed $150 year under a new law governor brown signed this month, pushed through with just democratic support. so imagine the outrage in communities like rancho marietta, outside sacramento, where they also pay a fire fee. >> no, i don't want to pay double taxes. we are taxed enough for everything. >> i think it's another way to fee us to death so that they can cover all the expenses. >> you wouldn't believe the phone calls i got coming into my office. >> state senator ted gains just filed a referendum with the state that would ask them to overturn the fire fee which he says is really a tax. the republican say property taxes already cover basic
6:32 am
services. >> clearly it's illegal in my mind and unfair. they are already paying taxes for these services and there's no excuse to go after rural homeowners again. >> but with this up and down economy, cal fire said it cannot do its job with constant budget cuts, especially when developers keep building in wildfire territory. the new fire fee would mean $200 million a year for the agency. >> it would be detrimental for us to lose that much of our fire protection funding. >> while higher taxes are unpopular, some understand why they are necessary. >> everyone wants fire protection. we have to pay for it. we want police protection, you've got to pay for it. so i don't have a problem with an extra $150. >> lawmakers will try to tweak the law to exclude residents who already pay the local fire fee. but senator gains said that's not good enough and will try to
6:33 am
gather half a million signatures to qualify for the june ballot. in sacramento, abc7 news. a new plan to preserve the famous views of yosemite's water falls and granite domes calls for cutting down hundreds and possibly thousands of trees. they say they need to be trimmed anyway to protect in wildfires. since 1864 naturally occurring fire had been put out by man in the spirit of protect being the landscape. but that allowed fuels to build up to dangerous levels. next month, after three years of study and public hearings, the final version of a scenic vista management plan is due to be released. that is going to list 181 historic vistas that are now blocked by trees. starting in the fall of next year, the sound of falling timber and buzzing chainsaws will echo throughout the valley. >> start here right now, the sound of chirping birds and does the sun have a sound? i don't know. >> partly cloudy skies in the
6:34 am
east bay but lots of low cloud stratus has made its way through here. and we will see warmer some spots, cooler elsewhere and a pretty divided forecast in terms of our look ahead, whether we are going to feel like summer or fall. i will have the forecast next. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up from massage to acupuncture. the alternative treatments now available for bay area women returning from war.
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>> many agree grobeal warming is affecting our environment. they are look at creatures found off the coast. >> for a few hundred cocopas this is the lad luck everybody the draw. they picked the wrong rock and wrong puddle of water because here comes their destiny. >> they are really chon but they are very small so they are about a millimeter long. >> morgan is a ph.d. candidate at uc davis. she's done a lot of dipping in the last few years from mexico to oregon. while this was one of the warmer days she's about warming about the effects of global warming. >> we want to see if they evolve in response to climate change. >> and this species is especially well-suited, according to her advisor.
6:38 am
>> it's significant in this case because these creatures are about the toughest little creatures we know in the sea. >> as creatures go, they are fairly benign, not a big part of the food change. as soon as they develop the male makes the scene and it doesn't get more fulfilling than that. five weeks from cradle to grave. >> this proved ideal for the experiment because they live in localized area and they adapt to temperature ranges in their pools of water. combine that with their short life spans and if any animal could evolve in time to keep pace with warming oceans, it would probably be them. >> back in the lab they are pushing and measuring their acts to survive warmer temperatures." it's not good. so far they can take an additional 1 degree fahrenheit. >> they are basically already at their limit. they are already living close to their upper temperature limit.
6:39 am
>> these creatures tell us in fact a little more change is potentially catastrophic. >> for the big picture you might chair them in tied pools to canaries in coal mines. as they go today, other species may follow. >> what we are concerned about is the species that can't shift their ranges fast enough in response to climate change and many species and live in fragmented habitats may be at risk. >> it's nothing we haven't heard before, just one more creature add to go a weight of evidence. along san francisco bay, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and that's something you keep an eye on too, all the climate changes. what's happening with our weather today. >> we are look at widespread low clouds and fog. and as you start out you see in santa cruz we are looking at clouds. sunshine is on the way here along the coast. a little further north in the city, cloudy skies. delays of an hour at sfo. we will look for late clearing
6:40 am
here. but in the north bay, look at this view. beautiful conditions. low clouds and fog up to 2,000 feet. so above, yeah, it looks nice and sunny but we will wait for the sunshine today. in fact, it will be a very slow burn off closer to the coast. but we will look for some warmer numbers. east bay and south bay today. main hily in the upper 50s right now. 58 oakland, san francisco and san jose. so low clouds and maybe mist and drizzle along the coast. we will look for the sun about 11:00 working its way westward and then cooler conditions as yet another trough swings on through throughout the early part of the week. so today the trough and area of low pressure still far to the north and west of us. you can see the spin in the atmosphere here. so by tomorrow, into tuesday, that provides anywhere from two to four degrees cooling in our inland valleys. so we will look for the numbers to come down for the first part of the week. but then after that it looks like we are going to see a
6:41 am
significant warming trend. temperatures at or above normal. as for today, we are looking at a clear start early. around livermore and concord looking at sun by by about noontime more sin shine across the bay and the clouds burn back to the coast. no changes there. still with the 60s and breezy winds. we are looking at more 70s into the east bay, upper 70s and even some 80s as we head toward contra costa county today. some minor changes. in fact, the warmup throughout the central value. 92 sacramento. 100 fresno. 83 los angeles. as we go through the next couple days the marine layer gets a little thicker and it mixes out all together. today we will look for temperatures to climb into the low 80s in santa clara after the morning low clouds. in fact, a few breaks out there right now. 80 in sunyvale. peninsula some mist near the coast and drizzle. 78 later today in redwood city.
6:42 am
in san francisco numbers will respond to some midday, mid-afternoon sunshine, 66 there. 70 in south city and in the north bay look for highs ranging from 63 at stinson, 83 in santa rosa. so a little warming the further east and south you go. 74 in oakland. upper 70s in union city and the inland valleys should see highs in the mid-80s around the delta. and as well as pleasanton. 88 brentwood and down by the monterey bay. it will brighten up there and warm up into the low 70s in watsonville. here's the 7 day forecast. today some minor warming. east bay, south bay, and then we will look for a little bit of cooling right through tuesday and by wednesday, thursday we start to warm up everywhere. even the coast warms up with temperatures right into next weekend, significantly warmer. >> i hope we don't get like the other parts of the country. >> no, i don't think so. it will be tempered. >> all right. thank you, lisa. >> a bay area medical center is making a unique program
6:43 am
available to veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. it's a program specifically designed for female vets, offering therapies specifically targeted to their physical and emotional needs. here's abc7's health and science reporter, carolyn johnson, with the details. >> so i will ask you to close your eyes. let that peaceful quality travel through all parts of you. >> only veterans is learning to imagine emotions haunting her more months. diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder after her return from iraq, she said back to normal life has been slow. >> sometimes i will be somewhere, let's say, for instance, in a mall or something, and then i'll see myself back in iraq. >> and then imagine wrapping all of that experience in something like a bubble or a balloon. >> this session isn't taking place at the v. a. as you might expect, it's part of a program
6:44 am
being organized by the institute for health and healing at california pacific medical center in san francisco. the counselor said the program i would ntegrates a variety of alternative therapies, from this session known as guided imagery to massage and acupuncture treatments. >> and then we have a whole array of classes, yoga, and various types of movements. >> it helps me learn to pay attention to my breathing, and then pay attention to what's going on when things do arise, like if my heart starts pumping. >> now the institute is partnering with the v. a. and veterans group to extend the services to more returning female soldiers. starlin is with from wards to -- with swords to plow shares. >> and returning back to life, back to some of the scenarios we left when we joined the military is just time and the options to
6:45 am
find what works best for us. >> the institute has started a fund to help cover the cost of treatment and hopes to grow the program in the coming months. in the meantime, tangerine has gun another alternative therapy offered by the institute, painting. >> painting helps. like emotions, anger, confusion, fear, that gave me hope. and then with hope i gain strength and the work gets larger as i feel more positive about the world. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> that innovative program is just getting up and running for female vets. if you want more information you can go to our website, and look under "see it on tv." >> don't go a way, 7 on your side is up next. >> a center report confirms the findings of a 7 on your side investigation. it's all about the abuse of senior citizens. i'm michael finney. that story straight ahead. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. brace yourself for the big, bold taste tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. a new state report is confirming much of what a 7 on your side investigation uncovered last fall, a lack of government oversight of the home care industry is lead to go the abuse of seniors and the disabled, sometimes by the very people cared to pay for them.
6:49 am
here's 7 on your side's michael finney with the follow-up report. >> rose has dimensiona and lives in a residential senior home. four years ago she was being cared for by a convicted felon. she was hired by a family but they were unaware of her criminal past. now her family wants greater oversite of the home care industry. >> i don't want to be a victim of this happening or the elders and they are the most susceptible group. >> they conducted an investigation into home elder care using our 7 on your side investigation as etched. >> number one, we found that there were people currently advertising their services on craig's list who do have criminal backgrounds. we found that many people who have been convicted of caregiver
6:50 am
crimes have previous rap sheets, about 25% of them. >> the investigation found many in-home care agencies claim to do background checks, but this can range from a thorough screening to a $19.95 instant internet check that experts say yields almost nothing of value. the home care agency used by rose's family said it conducted a background check on rose's caretaker, but that check failed to find a drug conviction, numerous parole violations and a 2008 restraining order keeping tenubo away are from her own children. >> i think one of the most important findings of my report was that californians under current law can do their own background checking. >> john hill is with the senate office of oversight and outcomes. they say they can use an inexpensive service that scans the finger prints of workers for
6:51 am
background checks but few take advantage of it. roslyn said her family didn't even know about it. >> i think it was more of an oversight. once again, the elderly are a forgotten group of people and they aren't a priority. >> a bill making its way through the assembly would require licensing of home care providers and make background checks mandatory. it would also list certified providers on a website. >> i oppose. >> member of the home care industry are opposed to the legislation. greg is with home sweet home of san francisco. >> we are very concerned about privacy, that not only the caregivers have to put their names out, but if the direct hire is from a senior, perhaps the senior will have to list their name and location. >> senator price of los angeles authored the bill. >> the purpose of this website is to give consumers a plate to go to check the legitimacy of the home care aid and to make sure these persons work for licensed agencies. >> a similar bill by assembly
6:52 am
woman has not been able to get out of the assembly appropriations committee. price's bill is set to be heard by the same committee on august 17th. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> up next, after a two-year hiatus, a local company is on a roll once more. a tasty turnaround for columbus
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> we've got your winning numbers from last night's super
6:55 am
lotto plus. 1, 6, 13, 45, 47. the meganumber 16. were you in anaheim? one winning ticket was sold at a convenience store just a few blocks from disneyland. that ticket is worth $61 million. >> california milk producers are making changes to their latest advertising campaign. heimly criticized campaign was aimed at men as a way to lessen the effect of pms on their wives and girlfriends but they got criticism more than compliments. the ads will be changed out later this week. >> two years after it was devastated by fire, a local food company is back in production. columbus salami started in san francisco nearly a century ago and is now enjoying a rebirth at its new home in hayward. jonathan bloom reports. >> reporter: it was 2:00 in the
6:56 am
morning when flames shot from the roof of the plant two years ago. production supervisor, maria, remembers it like it was yesterday. >> what happened when you saw the factory, that it burned? >> i started crying. i started crying because, i mean, it's like your house. you stay there eight to ten hours, sometimes ten, twelve hours. so it's sad, really sad. >> you worked there how many years? >> fourteen. >> about fourteen years? >> yes. >> what she didn't realize when she saw it burn to the ground it it would provide her an opportunity to weigh in on the layout and design of the new plant that columbus built to replace it. >> i started giving them my ideas, and yes. >> they took your ideas? >> yes. [applause] >> two years to the day after the devastating fire. columbus employees helped cut the ribbon at the salami plant's new home in hayward. >> this is the state of the art facility in deli meat slicing right now.
6:57 am
>> high-tech robotics means they employ about 20 fewer people than the old one. of the remaining 70 jobs, over half of new hires and the rest are returning workers from the old plant. some employees, like maria, got to stay for the two-year transition as they outsourced their salami slicing to competitors. >> they were very gracious and understood and basically we didn't have to ask twice. >> now they are up and running slicing salami 30% faster than the old one, in part thanks to maria. >> did you ever think you would have a chance to design a new plant? >> no. not even in my dreams. >> it's a happy ending, any way you slice it. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> here's lisa with a final look ata our accuweather forecast. >> most of the bay area looking at widespread stratus this morning. upper 50s out will right now. some low 60s around redwood city. later today we see sunshine
6:58 am
clearing to the coast. 74 oakland. 10 fremont. warmer in the inland valleys. 85 morgan hill. still clearing at the coast and everyone cools down the next couple days. right on through tuesday. come wednesday we are warming up and temperatures above normal by the end of the week. >> all right. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa arjen. lisa arjen. good morning america is up next. lisa arjen. good morning america is up next. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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